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Western Massachusetts Self-Defense Training

Lee Laster shows a student gun safety
Lee Laster demonstrates gun safety

We offer professional training to the residents of Franklin and Hampshire Counties in Western Massachusetts in firearms instruction. This training includes but is not limited to handgun, shotguns, chemical sprays and other defensive options. Our course is designed to educate, properly train, and increase public awareness with firearms and their use as well as other force options. The courses include legal updates, hands on training, stress induced training, positional shooting and basic marksmanship skills with concentartion on weapon selection, equipment selection and considerations. The courses are taught from a law enforcement perspective, with consideration to the civilian population.

We also offer the Basic Firearms Safety Course required to obatin LTC or FID.

Instructors / Owner: Leon (Lee) Laster.

"Our courses are designed to give citizens and law enforcement confidence and knowledge in proper firearm handling and usage. We provide affordable, local, quality training in handgun, shotgun, rifle and other methods of defense options."

Lee Laster - Instructor

"The right of self-defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred, and alike necessary, to nations and to individuals."

President James Monroe (November 16, 1818)

General Self Defense News

Women's Self Defense

Unfortunately due to lack of location and interest I will no longer offer any Hands on Self defense classes.

Handling & Cleaning

Basic Firearm Handling/Cleaning

Individual Firearm and Marksmanship Training

Now offering firearm and marksmanship training


This class is a must for any beginner or experienced person interested in learning how to defend their home, family, and themselves. The instructors have a wealth of training and experience from both law enforcement and military training. I felt secure and safe throughout the entire class. Overall great class!

-Mr. Keith Wiliams from Easthampton

They did a great job helping me with the firearm and making sure I was safe with it. I was uncomfortable at first, but they made sure I was doing everything right and then I felt comfortable with the firearm. Lee did a good job at explaining everything.

-Ms. Leslie Garcia from Greenfield