Hybrid Classes now offered

Certain classes have the option for hybrid, half computer/ half in-person

Speak On It!!

New podcast for the average people who want to talk about a variety of topics.

Kids under 12 Free!!!

Kids under 12 will receive a free 30-minute entertainment session on our Simulator.

Father's Day Deal

Gift cards available for Father's Day

Gift Cards!!

Gift cards are now available online!! :

New State of the Art Firearm Simulator

Western Massachusetts Training & Education Academy invests in TI Enterprises training system

Individual Firearm and Marksmanship Training

Now offering firearm and marksmanship training


This class is a must for any beginner or experienced person interested in learning how to defend their home, family, and themselves. The instructors have a wealth of training and experience from both law enforcement and military training. I felt secure and safe throughout the entire class. Overall great class!

-Mr. Keith Wiliams from Easthampton

Alan did a great job helping me with the firearm and making sure I was safe with it. I was uncomfortable at first, but Alan and Lee made sure I was doing everything right and then I felt comfortable with the firearm. Lee did a good job at explaining everything.

-Ms. Leslie Garcia from Greenfield