Self Defense

This course is designed to teach the average citizen to fight off an attacker using their personal weapons i.e. hands, feet, head, etc. This course will provide students with many different strikes, kicks, elbow strikes, etc. This will enable a would be victim to become empowered and ward off an unwanted attack by using their greatest and oldest weapons of all. Women and men are both encouraged to apply. Students should wear comfortable clothing, sneakers, bring water bottles and a towel. Students are asked to remove any jewelery or personal belongings before participating in the aforementioned exercises to reduce possible injury to themselves or instructors. Students are required to bring comfortable clothing, sneakers, towel and water bottles. Motivation and your voices are a must, this is a very intense course!

Cost $25.00 per hour. Group rates available.

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Chemical Spray:

This course is designed to teach the average citizen the proper use and handling of a chemical spray. Students will become familiar with the differences in sprays and the effects of each. Students will be required to draw and engage a target while giving verbal commands or calling for assistance. Students will be shown early warning signs of an attack; taught how to read body language etc. Students will also learn the physical and mental effects chemical sprays can have on a person. There is an exposure portion to this class; however it is not mandatory that students be sprayed, it is strongly recommended. Students should wear comfortable clothing, sneakers, change of shirt and towel. Fresh water for de-contamination will be provided.

Cost for this class is $50.00


This class is a must for any beginner or experienced person interested in learning how to defend their home, family, and themselves. The instructors have a wealth of training and experience from both law enforcement and military training. I felt secure and safe throughout the entire class. Overall great class!

-Mr. Keith Wiliams from Easthampton

Alan did a great job helping me with the firearm and making sure I was safe with it. I was uncomfortable at first, but Alan and Lee made sure I was doing everything right and then I felt comfortable with the firearm. Lee did a good job at explaining everything.

-Ms. Leslie Garcia from Greenfield